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Works Great!

I got the smallest size (3ml) Krytox 205G0, and it was more than enough to cover all the switches in my 60% keyboard. In fact, it would probably be able to cover a full keyboard and a half before running out. My only gripe is that the 3ml container has a seal, and when you open the seal half the lube tends to squirt out and half of it sticks to the top of the seal. So you have to clean up any that squirted out and carefully smear the excess off the seal. Not sure if this is an issue with the other sizes. The lube itself works great and I have not had any issues with it. It also shipped quite quickly, even though it was during the holiday season.

Works great, arrived quickly.

Worked great for my durock v2 stabs with boba u4's. my keyboard is completely silent and smooth to type on with no rattle or scratching. Arrived in 3ish days, super quick shipping.

Still haven’t gotten it even though I payed for two day shopping and it is way past the expected delivery date


Your order was shipped next business day in accordance with our shipping policy. FedEx currently has the shipment and it is currently at a hub although it is past it's original expected delivery date.

As I have mentioned in response to the customer service email that you have sent us, I have opened a trace request with FedEx to attempt to locate the shipment. Once we have an answer from FedEx as to where the package is located and if it is lost/damaged, we will handle it accordingly.

As it is in FedEx's hands, there isn't much here that we can do. I have provided you with the case number but I will provide it here as well. Your trace/case number with FedEx is C-49964656. Should you wish to reach out to FedEx directly regarding this, you are more than welcome to do so to verify the submission. Otherwise, you can continue tracking your shipment at this URL:

Please keep in mind that it is the middle of peak season and shipment delays are occurring across the board.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact me directly at

Fast delivery

Got it in 3 days

Krytox GPL 205 GRADE 0 Switch Lubricant

Pretty Good

I got it cheaper than I could find anywhere else, and it came in about a week, considering i ordered on a weekend. Very satisfied


used these to lube my gateron yellows and stabs and it worked as it should :) arrived pretty quickly as well and was cheaper than other stores

Fast delivery, great product

Ordered over a weekend and got my order on a Monday. Just used this Krytox 205g0 on some gateron brown switches I had and it made a BIG difference. Came in a convenient little container to keep it fresh for future applications... wish it had a little brush in the package but i had some lying around

Not much to write about the product.

However the fast shipping from this vendor is amazing!!! I will be buying all my supplies from them.

Krytox GPL 205 GRADE 0 Switch Lubricant

lube PogU

works perfectly, makes stabs sound very nice yes


Fast shipping, cheep shipping, good lube price, trifecta of awesomeness. Probably gonna get myself sum 205 now


Arrived early on the 5th day after ordered (no-rush shipping) which is pretty nice and arrived in good condition. My only gripe is that the cover inside the jar isn't attached to anything so it just kind of slipped off and made me waste a chunk of lube. Overall pretty good and will be ordering again the next time I need more lube.

Pretty good

It came in about 6 days witch is pretty good also the lube works fine

Came fast and was great quality!

Perfect for Tactiles

The MSChem Tribosys 3203 is a very light lube and a light application on my Kinetic Lab's Salmon Tactile switches, it's perfect. I also used it on the springs for a great effect

MSChem Tribosys 3203

Good quality

Good quality lube and came in quickly.

Good container good lube

Lubed creams for my keycult no 1 rev 2 using this. Love the feel.

Super quick shipping, super fresh lube!

What can I say? It makes your switches go thocc & shocc! It works great! He's got a huge selection! AND it came incredibly quick!

As for the lube itself: it seems incredibly fresh. Compared to another jar of 205 I bought from another webshop, which showed up already thick and inconsistent, and has since become tacky, the stuff I got from here is like I'm using the "real" 205 for the first time. Its so smooth, makes my linears buttery deep, and I don't have to worry about them gumming up my stems and ruining the switch action. Mixed with another "secret ingredient" it's also my perfect stab lube!

A++ ~ This is more a general review for the store itself, as I also grabbed some 3203, and this will most likely be my new loobshop. The 3203 is just as high quality & clean as the Krytox (there was some oil seperation, but this is due to the makeup of 3203 itself - NOT - the store! Just felt good to mention for future new lube buyers who might not know what to expect. A quick mix with the brush and it was perfect!

** He even uses these cute-ass branded jars and the caps double as perfect lube pallettes. **


MSChem Tribosys 3203
Bryan Galdámez
I love the lube.

I'm satisfied with the product, works perfectly with my Boba U4 Silents.


I lived like 84 switches and some stabs so I was really good, made my gat yellows feels really good

Krytox GPL205 Grade 0

Do not know yet, because I did not received anything.

Sorry you have not received your order after the review request was fired. As you requested, your order was shipped via GlobalPost Economy (our most economical international shipping option) which has a transit timeframe of 6-21 business days and has country -> country, not door -> tracking.

I have not yet received an email from you stating that the product has not yet arrived. In accordance with our shipping policy, I am happy to submit a claim on your behalf if you have still not yet received the product. Feel free to email us at or reply directly to the email that is generated here shortly.


Great purchase

The lube came fairly quick, and sounds great on my gatereon browns. However, when I opened it, the lube all bunched to one side of the container, so some spilled out. I scooped it with a spoon and used it so it wasn’t a problem though.